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San Antonio Semi Truck Accidents & 18 Wheeler Crash Attorney

The accident rate of semi truck accidents throughout the state of Texas is higher than average, particularly in the southern region of the state where the natural gas and oil boom has brought hundreds of new truckers to the state each month.  This influx of trucks on the road has led to an increased number of semi truck accident rate over the last several years, even while accident rates were declining throughout the state.

Semi Truck Accidents in Texas

In 2014, over 400 semi trucks were involved in fatal accidents throughout the state, compared to nearly 1,700 which involved a passenger car.  This number has increased by over 100 since 2010, when under 300 semi trucks were reported as involved in a fatal accident.[1]  While these numbers as a whole are not indicative of the rising and falling trends of the oil and gas industry in the state, these statistics continue to remind Texans that regardless of the traffic regulations which are passed or the safety features which are introduced in trucks throughout the state, accidents will continue to occur which have dire consequences to all passengers involved.

Semi truck accidents are different than ordinary car accidents due to the heavy weight of the vehicles involved and the dangerous cargo that is often hauled in the back of these trucks.  Nearly every day, semi trucks travel alongside cars on the roadways while hauling dangerous chemicals or other products which could easily ignite if involved in an accident.  Semi truck accidents have become more prevalent in south Texas, where the rise in oil and gas activity in the region has led to an increased number of semi trucks on the roadways, commissioned by oil and gas companies to haul goods back and forth from the various sites.  This influx in activity tears up the local roadways and presents a greater likelihood of devastating accidents.

Texas Accident Recovery

The recovery options in Texas are largely based on the amount of fault by both drivers.  If one driver is greater than 50 percent at fault, they will be held liable for the full amount of damages to the other driver.  However, it is important to build a strong enough case to ensure that a court may easily determine that one driver is more than 50 percent at fault.

Semi truck accidents often lead to severe injuries to all passengers and other drivers involved in the accident.  It is difficult to imagine a safe scenario when a small passenger car is set against a several ton truck which is hauling a large amount of chemicals or consumer goods.  Victims of semi truck accidents may experience the following types of injuries:

Our attorneys at Sadler and Sadler will carefully examine the facts of your case and will assist you in calculating the amount of damages you are entitled to bring after a devastating semi truck accident.

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If you or a loved one have been injured in a semi truck accident, do not hesitate to contact the attorneys of Sadler & Sadler.  Our attorneys have over 30 years of experience in fighting for our clients’ after semi truck accidents leave them injured.  Semi truck accidents often have a devastating impact not only to your physical health, but also your emotional well-being.  Contact our San Antonio office today to begin to heal from this traumatic accident.

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